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Toca Life World: Build a Story

Toca Life World: Build a Story
Toca Life World: Build a Story
Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Toca Boca
os: Android IOS
size: 59M
updated: February 15, 2022




Have you experienced the game in your own world? If you think you want to experience a different way of life in the game, then you can enter this Toca Life World: Build a Story game for a perfect life experience, this game allows players to feel very interesting, where you can do anything you want to do, there is fun in this game beyond the unique attraction, and also in the game where you can The constant growth of change.

Role-playing games like this one allow you to enter the world as a character in the game, allowing you to experience some interesting stories in the game world, or the freedom to survive in the game world in your own way and start your own unique story.

In this Toca Life World: Build a Story game you can experience the life of the game while slowly discovering interesting things, such as: you can explore the game's various supermarkets and other places you want to explore life. Like this new role simulation to bring you more joy in the game, you can enjoy a new simulation game world here. This game has a lot of rich experience places let you personally feel this game to bring you a lot of rich role identity fun, wonderful game process to open a new game experience.

In this game you can experience how you want to experience because this game is completely different from real life, where it exists in a unique world, it is a game world created specifically for you. You can live a delightful virtual life in this game that you can't experience in life, and you can experience all sorts of interesting details in a different way if you can't experience them in life.


How To Play

This Toca Life World: Build a Story game is very free to play how you want to play, do you still want to experience the life of an elementary school? Then no problem, you can choose to be a student in this game to achieve your ideas, or you are still a child in life, you want to experience the life of adults, then no problem, here you can realize this idea, where there is no limit, no one will hinder you.

You can enter the items in the game at will and explore the new storyline that belongs to you, because here you will feel that there are a lot of interesting things happening and let you meet your story in the game. So in Toca World, you can make progress by creating stories with your favorite characters in your favorite places in the game.

The game you can change your character character look according to your style, you can also experience buying furniture to dress up the house, dress up everything according to your own ideas, you can also bring your real life scenes to the game. You can also live a delightful life in this Toca World game and experience a variety of fantasy life.

In Toca World, you can experience it in whatever way you like, you can choose to go to your favorite places or choose to experience the story that each character brings to you. Of course in this game you are the biggest player and you can write the story while playing. You will find that in this game world, you are the best.

Because everything you can think of can be realized inside this game. You can get it all if you join Toca World!


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