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Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd
Honkai Impact 3rd
Action Adventure Hypercasual

Developer: miHoYo Limited
os: Android IOS
size: 577M
updated: February 18, 2022




Still struggling to find a game for girls? miHoYo Limited invites you to join Honkai Impact 3rd, a beauty RPG with a secondary combat theme, which is a sequel to Honkai Impact. The This game is full of girls and girlhood. A great action role-playing game! Attention all good captains. You have been authenticated and are ready to log in.

Welcome to Honkai Impact 3rd, the game that tells the story of the heroine Kiana Kaslana and her friends whose adventures thus begin. There is the best art and voice acting, each character is a flesh and blood being, loli, witch, pride and so on can be found in the game, there is also a fashion system, there are all kinds of styles of fashion, most of the fashion is free to get, usually through the event, sign in directly.

Game features.

① The graphics are amazing, the combat is smooth and intuitive, giving players a perfect sense of game experience

② The game character is beautifully shaped, the sense of immersion is very strong

③ The game has a variety of characters, such as Valkyrie, Raiden Mei, Kiana Kaslana, etc. There is always a character you like the style of the game

④ The game has several tasks, several levels waiting for you to challenge

Each character has its own emotional line, interspersed with a sincere love story, you can experience the different emotions of the game, feel the mood of each of them, you will quickly integrate into it. In Honkai Impact 3rd, you will have to face more unknown risks and obstacles, you can buck up against the odds, let's fight for all the good things together!


How To Play

The game provides players with 13 playable characters that players can choose from based on their preferences. Each character has different decorations, which means they have different careers and different attributes, and each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Players can learn more about them. Then the player's goal is to choose three characters that you like to combine into your team and let them help you defeat your enemies. So you can't just combine them randomly, you need to choose the most suitable character after knowing their respective combat power, and you need to let them each responsible for different jobs. This is how you can maximize the attacking power of your team.

The game play is very simple, the game screen only a few operation buttons, attack, dodge, move, weapon skills and direction keys, the specific how to play or according to the role of different, more inclined to action games, nurturing system is divided into three categories, one is the stigmata, one is the weapon, one is the role, the role up to the evaluation level can unlock more skills, weapons and stigmata star is to determine the female weapons and Stigmata upgrade is to determine the output ability and support ability of the goddess of war. Materials depend on the initial properties of the weapon, the initial A-class Valkyrie fragments are relatively good to get, it is easy to reach the 3s level, the initial S-class character fragments are more difficult, but weapons and stigmata, basically the same material.

Operation, dodge when the silky smooth feeling, attack when the fist to the flesh sense of combat, are the troubles of this game, is to remember not to open too high special effects online, otherwise just like a flashbulb exploded in front of the eyes, full of skill effects dazzling, firepower, there will be a feeling of too much glamour and affect the analysis of the battle.


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