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Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects

Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects
Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects
Adventure Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Wooga
os: Android IOS
size: 376.6 MB
updated: March 5, 2022




Are you good at discovering new things in your daily life? Do you like to play challenging games? Pearl's Peril - Hidden Objects is a free adventure puzzle game developed by Wooga, which is an adventure based on the theme of finding objects.

Players in the game will be in a broken family torn by money and wealth, you will travel around the world with heiress and ace pilot Pearl Wallace, looking for clues to help her uncover the real reason for her father's suicide, because her father's death is very suspicious, do you have the confidence to help her unravel this mystery?

The gameplay is very simple, players just need to move their fingers in the game to find various items as well as clues. The storyline of the game is relatively new, the game graphics design is very cartoonish and exquisite, plus the light background music is the icing on the cake.

The truth is approaching step by step, your adventure will start from here!

Game features.

① novel storyline, full of doubtful puzzles, easy to arouse the curiosity of players

② The game is rich and diverse, and players need to complete a variety of tasks, such as searching for hidden objects, discovering mysteries, etc., which is highly playable

③ The game is colorful, with exquisite graphics, smooth and lag-free

The game provides players with a world full of adventure, players will face great challenges in this world, do you have the confidence to help the main character's father's death? This is actually not a very difficult thing, as long as you carefully observe and discover, you will be able to get the appropriate clues!


How To Play

After the game starts there will be a plot to tell you what happened, the game is about the heiress whose father died without knowing how, so you must help her find the cause of death. This is how the game unfolds. The game play is very simple, the player only needs to swipe the screen by finger to find the hidden items. The player's goal is to find the items specified by the system, which will be listed at the bottom of the screen, and because your goal is clear, you won't waste much time in the game.

Once the player has successfully found an item, click on it and the item will disappear from your list, next you can look for the next item. Be sure not to underestimate these items, each item you find will help you and bring you one step closer to the truth, for example an item can help you unlock a new room, or maybe a new city to continue exploring! This way players can accordingly get information about Pearl's father and the cause of her father's death. And you can also get the corresponding points.

Players can also create a city of their own, and you have to develop it properly and decorate it with the style you want. You can go to the store to buy some building styles, as well as some flowers and plants, and each item costs a different amount of coins. Coins need you to get in the process of looking for clues, such as you think this item does not belong to this place, then maybe this is a clue, must not miss, this exploration process must be careful to find.

Players can also experience a variety of scenery in the game, you explore the country is full of romance, are you ready to adventure?


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