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Developer: Mojang
os: Android IOS
size: 385.8 MB
updated: February 15, 2022




Minecraft is a creative sandbox game developed by Mojang, it is also a building game with survival adventure elements.

Minecraft uses a first-person perspective, and the angular square world gives it a unique feel. Although the picture quality is relatively rough, there is an overall sense of immediacy and the graphics can be improved by selecting material packs.

In the game players can explore at will, interact, and generate some dynamic pictures.

There are many interesting activities such as collecting ores, fighting some monsters, synthesizing new cubes in order to collect various resource tools, etc. The game is highly playable. Players can also create art in the infinite game mode. Minecraft provides players with day and night, there will be some weather changes, the most common are rain and thunderstorms. Closer to people's daily life, "minecraft" here is not only the world in the game, but also your small world, use your imagination to build and explore a world dedicated to the player.

The game provides players with a variety of modes, one is the most basic survival mode, two is the construction mode, three is the adventure mode, four is the extreme mode, players are free to choose the mode, each mode will bring different fun to the player. There are also four difficulty settings in the game: peace, easy, normal and hard. Players can be challenged one by one. The game also has several areas for players to explore, such as sunflower meadows, flowering forests, bamboo hills, sandy beaches, birch forests, snowy coniferous forests, etc. ......

Whether you want to build a western castle or an eastern pavilion, you can achieve it in Minecraft. It will give you a full sense of accomplishment.


How To Play

The Minecraft game is in first person, but players can choose between third-person back or third-person front mode. Players can walk around the map as they please. The entire game world is made up of various cubes as far as the eye can see. Players can destroy these squares or build things with their own squares at will. There are also creatures made of cubes in the game; such as animals, villagers and monsters. There are some animals that can be hunted and made into food, and players can eat these foods to replenish their strength. In order to survive and thrive in the game, players need to obtain resources through logging, mining, hunting, etc., and build weapons and tools through the synthesis system. As the game progresses, players will become self-reliant and gradually build up their own homes.

This is a casual game, so there are no special tasks in the game, and players simply play at will to provide the maximum possibilities, whose only game objective is to have fun exploring and creating in the game.

In addition the game also derives other series, interested players can go to play;.

My World: Earth

My World: Dungeon

My World: Story Mode

My World: Education Edition

In Minecraft, there are no boundaries, no endings, and no levels or scores. Your world is yours to create.

There are monsters and other hazards, although surviving in the game is usually not difficult. Even if they die, players can respawn at the initial location, and the items they were carrying when they died will drop and disappear after a while. In short, this open-ended game does not have any clear game purpose, and players can have fun exploring and creating in it.


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