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Five Nights at Freddy's: SL

Five Nights at Freddy's: SL
Five Nights at Freddy's: SL
3D Action Adventure

Developer: Clickteam USA LLC
os: Android IOS
size: 3.6M
updated: April 6, 2020




After the experience of being scared to death in the pizza store, toy store and so on and so forth, play the FNAF series to give you a sincere summary, by trying so many FNAF series to tell us a few truths. The first generation tells us to save electricity at work, or electricity is gone, people are gone; the second generation tells us not to work alone at night, because a person is easy to be caught; the third generation tells us not to use cottage goods, or the consequences of electronic product failure is terrible; the fourth generation tells us after experiencing so many bizarre things, do not be home alone at night; the new world chapter tells tell us idle Do not run around when you have nothing to do! SL then will tell us next "do not listen to the old man, eat loss in front of the eyes".

After such a long and sparse adventure, now you start a new road to death, this time you play the role of the teddy bear supplier recently hired maintenance personnel, to give you the task is to listen to the supplier's system requirements within five days, the toy for routine maintenance, inspection, how about, is there a familiar feeling.

As time goes on, of course, as usual, you will gradually find that these toys become more and more dangerous, and of course, it seems that nothing is safe here in the first place, so what is hiding behind and manipulating everything? More importantly, why do these dolls still exist in this world?

However, even though the place has changed and the things to do have changed, the only thing that remains the same is the fear of the unknown and the desire to survive. The atmosphere of this game is almost similar to that of its predecessor, so if you are a fan of the series, or simply a fan of horror games, then you can already start a new adventure.


How To Play

As I'm sure anyone who has played the FNAF series knows, the main appeal of this game is the defensive response and the psychological pressure it gives, which makes the game very tense and exciting. fnaf: SL is different from the previous FNAF series and is more like an extra chapter, probably close to the third generation in terms of timeline.

Game Features

-First-person perspective allows players to feel the game more realistically

-When night falls, you can start moving around in several different rooms, instead of being stuck in the same room all the time

-Any choices and decisions you make will affect your entire ending, so think carefully!

-Mysterious and interesting little eggs are hidden in inconspicuous places, can you dig them all out?

In SL, every day you have to deal with different things than before, for example, it's like yesterday you were in this room and today you have to go to that room. This leads to the fact that maybe the techniques that work for you today may not work tomorrow. Different rooms you also have to take different measures to deal with the corresponding toys, of course, there are advantages, the advantage is that you only take into account a toy, as for the disadvantages should not need to explain it, the plot is still confusing, some information even need to players themselves from the death of the mini-games and dialogue and even the words of the toys to understand.

At the beginning of the game, there is usually nothing wrong with the first and second night as long as you are careful. When you go to the back of the plot, remember not to look deep into the eyes of the toys, because they will tear you apart. When the game turns on the sound, slowly distinguish those subtle movements so as not to be stolen, and really hide in case of emergency, little by little, gently and slowly to the side, keep your eyes open to search the room for all suspicious items, and use your strength to survive.


  • By lara
    i love this game

    26 Jun,2023

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