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Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light
Sky: Children of the Light
Adventure Girls

Developer: thatgamecompany inc
os: Android IOS
size: 1.2G
updated: February 15, 2022




This is one of the best social games! It's also a place for mutual comfort, because here warm souls will eventually meet.

Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful and healing game with a simple and distinctive drawing style. It is a pure game without any complicated skills or even fancy gameplay. No need to consider what weapons to use, what formation, what tactics, just hand in hand with friends, flying through the sea of clouds, through the canyon, trip through the rainforest, to chase the light source, to find the dream and warmth we hope.

You will be in the game as a child of light, spreading light to every corner of the world. This is your mission and a fantasy adventure. Although this journey is long, it is not destined to be alone. Because in this game, you will have the opportunity to meet players from all over the world. Even though you speak different languages and have different religious beliefs, you will meet here eventually.

Sky: Children of the Light is different from other games in that players can become friends in the game by lighting candles or making friends. After that, you can hold hands and do tasks together. The whole process of holding hands and flying in a long sea of clouds, rainforest realm, beautiful and touching. I believe that even lonely deep patients can be healed in this state of flying together, eager for every encounter and hug.

What a strange encounter you will have in this vast world. Various areas like dreams are waiting for you to explore. The game seems to have little difficulty and is suitable for players of all levels. The game is amazingly effective, with beautiful graphics and a lively and original style. Meet strangers and illuminate their forms with your light.


How To Play

The gameplay is simple, the player will play as a child of light and explore various areas of the game, chasing the light, collecting light sources (candles), and talking with ancestors, while collecting pieces of light wings to upgrade the cloak (the higher the level, the higher and farther you can fly).

Basic operation: Players control the character flight by tapping and sliding, switch the game perspective by sliding with both fingers, and control the character flight by long pressing the screen. All the operations in the game are basically done by tapping.

sky: children of the light, there are currently seven maps, each map has a different ancestor, you can also collect the corresponding light wing pieces, and candles. Used for social activities, etc., it can be said that the gameplay is very simple and suitable for single-line players.

Within the same map, a maximum of 8 online players are supported. And one of these 8 players will become your partner and embark on a journey with you to find the light. When you meet your partner, you will give each other a name, which will also be used as a nickname in the game.

In addition, between friends, you can enhance the relationship between friends by sending candles and other ways, and you can also unlock more sports, such as handstand and hug, which are both vivid and fun. Compared with other games that require high skills and great characters to become a master and the best, this game seems to have little difficulty and is suitable for players of all levels.

The scenery in the game is beautiful and it is a good decision to simply go and enjoy the scenery, after all what is more healing than opening the game in peace and quiet after a busy day and enjoying the beautiful graphics. Too much counting on playing outstanding, but will lose interest in the game.


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