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Where's My Water?

Where's My Water?
Where's My Water?
Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Disney
os: Android IOS
size: 72M
updated: January 5, 2022




Crocodiles have always been vicious in people's minds, but in Where's My Water? you will meet a different kind of crocodile. He has green skin and two big round eyes. Such a cute crocodile image will change your perception of crocodiles. But he seems to be in a little trouble, can you help him?

Where's My Water? is a puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and released on January 22, 2012. The main character of the game is a very clean little crocodile who lives in the sewers of the city, which means he encounters a lot of dirt every day, so bathing is one of his favorite things to do.

But it's not easy to take a clean and comfortable bath in the dirty sewers. The clean water has to pass through many obstacles to flow into the crocodile's bathroom and the water source is very limited, so all you have to do is to help the little crocodile to guide the water to his bathroom.

The game has a rich set of levels for players, each level is a challenging, physics-based puzzle with some mechanics embedded in the game. Dig a pathway through the soil, taking care to avoid obstacles such as algae and muddy water. Every drop of water is precious, can you help the little crocodile collect all the water?

In addition to the little crocodile Rogue, you will also meet the fierce crocodile Big Rogue, as well as the quirky little crocodile Ellie. Each interesting character will bring you different fun. You can choose your favorite little crocodile and join this adventure, using your own wisdom to help them solve their difficulties.

Where's My Water? is a casual game for everyone. The rich level design and wonderful game graphics will bring players a pleasant gaming experience. Whether you want to relax or pass the boring time, this will be one of the best choices!


How To Play

Where's My Water? has many challenging levels, each designed with physics-based puzzles. Players will use their fingers to create a path through the soil to a water source in order to reach the crocodile's bath, but there are mechanical obstacles and sources of pollution, such as poisonous gas, waste water and algae, which will contaminate the water source and make it impossible for the crocodile to take a successful bath. Therefore, great care must be taken when creating paths.

In addition to avoiding pollution and mechanisms, the player must also make the water flow into the ducklings. Each level has a different number of ducklings and each duckling is placed in a different place. The ducklings will only disappear in the level when the water fills the whole duckling and sometimes you have to use some physics to make the water flow into the ducklings which is very challenging. The game is unlocked one by one, so only when you successfully pass the previous level, you can unlock the next level.

As in the first level of Crocodile Naughty, we can see that the little crocodile is directly above a big puddle with clean water inside, and under the water source, three little ducks are arranged in a straight line. At this point we have to do is very simple, just use your finger to cut the soil near the first duckling, and a straight line to open a direct path to the water pipe, so that the water will flow in the process of filling the three ducklings in turn, and finally into the crocodile little naughty bathroom. Because it is the first level, the game operation is very simple, and the system will guide you how to operate. After successfully helping Crocodile Naughty take a bath, the system will score you according to your operation and show you the time spent on the next level of the challenge. Players can then move on to the next level.

There are four characters to choose from - Rogue, Ally, Big Rogue and Mystery Duck - each with their own characteristics and different ways of playing, making it a fun challenge no matter which character the player chooses!


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