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Guns of Glory: Lost Island

Guns of Glory: Lost Island
Guns of Glory: Lost Island
Action Adventure Boys

Developer: DianDian Interactive Holding
os: Android IOS
size: 920M
updated: February 26, 2022




Are you a game fan who is interested in strategy games? What do strategy games look like in your mind? Is it only fighting and killing? Do you think that only niche groups can play strategy games? No, no, no, you are totally wrong, "Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask" will bring you a unique strategy game experience The game breaks the definition of traditional strategy games and presents to the players.

This RPG kingdom game is set in an age of enlightenment where the game originated as the first handgun and some very deadly weapons of power. You need to be on the battlefield in the game to train soldiers and upgrade them to complete the missions in the game. Let you become a legend in the game and achieve victory.

In the game you have to control the character to escape from the enemy and you have to survive in the game and if you want to survive you have to become very strong. If you want to survive you have to become very strong. You will have to do everything to survive, all alone in the game you will not be able to defeat a group of enemies, all alone it is very difficult to complete the tasks of the game alone. Then you need to build your own army and follow your command, and in the game you also need to improve your strategy. So you need to prepare your soldiers as well as guns and ammunition, or raise your sharp sword, and engage in a war of swords, where the ultimate battle of the kingdom is about to begin! So hurry up and join us to complete your country's great work.

Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask" graphics quality is very high, the game in the European medieval style castles, buildings, even including forests and rivers, etc. are very detailed and realistic, all the scenes and props to bring players a sense of historical weight. This science fiction and history intertwined with the game graphics you will not miss, so hurry into this interesting game!


How To Play

In this game you are the last light of life of the country. Your goal is to block the saviors and protect your kingdom. The gameplay is very simple and interesting, and new players don't have to worry because the system will provide a tutorial for new players.

The construction in the game are very free, you can freely collect the resources you need in the game, of course, excluding some special buildings, these special buildings need you to win the material in the game through their own to fight with enemies or wild monsters, other resources construction you can feel free to play their own ideas. Players can explore outside the city after getting the resources, of course, the exploration outside the city is usually war with the enemy, invade each other, expand their territory, of course, also includes the collection of wild resources, such as: wood, food and iron ore, you can also upgrade your own airships, castles, special forces, buildings, etc..

The game also has different types of troops such as: cavalry, infantry, archers and artillery, all of which contain their own unique 11 different classes. As you get higher in the game, you can upgrade them to make them more powerful. In the game, players will transition from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and then evolve to the Gunpowder Age, experiencing the evolution of multiple civilizations in human history, and through the evolution of these eras, I believe players' sense of accomplishment will be greatly enhanced. Players need to develop appropriate strategies according to the enemy, with the most appropriate team configuration, and develop targeted game play. This game enhances more fun in this way, so different players can feel different fun in this "Guns of Glory: The Iron Mask" game, so what are you hesitating for? Hurry up and join us to find your own fun!


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