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Skullgirls: Fighting RPG

Skullgirls: Fighting RPG
Skullgirls: Fighting RPG
Action Adventure

Developer: Autumn Games, LLC
os: Android IOS
size: 96.47MB
updated: December 4, 2021




Fighting games generally make you mean difficult to operate, and among the many fighting games, there is a game came out of nowhere, with a dark and strange but sexy game style is known as the fighting game dark horse. Today, we're going to take a look at a game called Skullgirls: Fighting RPG, which is not quite the same as ordinary fighting games, which often require you to figure out alone and then fall into the frustration of not being able to break up the moves. But in this Skullgirls game is equipped with detailed instruction, so players can slowly master the system from easy to difficult. This game is very easy to use for new players.

Fighting games are one of the most popular game genres in the world, and although there are many different sub-categories within this category, Skullgirls is a fun game with smooth game animations, beautiful character designs, and a fast hitting feel. The game also allows you to simply enjoy the various types of game characters, the reason why this game can be said to be the dark horse of fighting games, it is because it has its own unique features, if you are a player who likes this combination of two styles like, then you can enter us to get the fun of the game.

The choice offers retro-style graphics and animations, so its main feature is a nostalgic trip to those games that have been loved by children since the 90s.

Skullgirls game has a unique character style, smooth matchmaking animations, and superb combat that can bring a very stunning gaming combat experience. This game adds the element of playing the game to enhance the gameplay of the player, the game also allows you to choose the character fighting skills you want to enhance, every action of this game is exceptionally brutal, but the graphics of the game is really attractive, strong colors combined with ink style, plus rhythmic music, showing the impact that fighting games must have.


How To Play

When playing this game, the player will be given a tutorial. With each command, the player will be able to gradually master the principles of combat and control the character. To be precise, click to continue attacking enemies in succession, or use multiple fingers at the same time to defend against the opponent's attacks.

The game you need to do in order to stop the enemy's attack and understand the opponent and do a good job of defense, the operation simply by clicking on the screen to control the game character, while launching an attack with the opponent. For example, if you want to launch a chain of attacks with your opponent, you need to swipe up the skills on the screen and use two fingers to control the character's attacks, repeatedly clicking on the skills, all of which are perfectly instructed in the detailed guidelines provided to the player in the game.

And through different combinations of attack techniques, constantly give the opponent higher damage, but also you need to allow yourself to quickly increase the required energy. Some of the skills in the game are different from normal attacks, because some of them need to wait for them to cool down after use or meet certain conditions in the game before they can be used again.

This Skullgirls game, in addition to the skills of each character, the game also provides players with the ability to equip themselves with the combat power released by the skills used in battle. But these skills are consistent with the skills available to the characters in the game. So need to choose the right skills in the battle to the enemy to cause a powerful attack. So, it can be said that the player can explore the unique gameplay and strategy of this game to win the game.

This Skullgirls game allows the player to switch freely between multiple game characters. The game not only has a very cool character design, but also has very challenging skill moves, allowing you to experience the most stunning fighting gameplay.


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