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Happy Color – Color by Number

Happy Color – Color by Number
Happy Color – Color by Number
Girls Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: X-Flow
os: Android IOS
size: 55M
updated: January 27, 2022




If you like bright and colorful paintings, but you don't have a high level of painting to paint a satisfactory painting, now, we recommend a great game for you, where you only need to fill in the simple painting, you can get a pair of paintings that you are satisfied with, and the operation is simple, before you start painting you have a good draft, you only need to go through a simple click on the color to reap the joy of creation! Come with us to learn more! 

It's one of the world's most popular coloring games by number, Happy Color - Color by Number, with lots of colorful and amazing pictures to color! Whether you like flowers and plants, or images of people, futuristic alien space? Or old times? In Happy Color - Color by Number, there are always the newest, brightest and most exotic pictures for players to choose from, thousands of paintings are waiting for your choice, and these are just a small part of the game, there are more pictures waiting for you to explore, you can color in the game to make them appear in front of you, through a variety of colorful pictures in the game Find the fun of coloring and let yourself relax and enjoy!

Game Features

-Free creation style, beautiful pages, predetermined color scheme, so you can never go wrong no matter how to match

-A large number of painting styles to meet your different needs, bright, light, which one do you like more?

-Create with your friends and accept the challenge to see who can paint fast and accurate

-After you finish painting, you can also save the picture, so you can enjoy the beautiful art you created with your own hands at any time!


How To Play

Happy Color® - Color by Number is a fun casual puzzle game with simple and fresh game scenes and a variety of game modes to choose from, with various color patterns to fill in. Start coloring anytime, anywhere, no pencil and paper required, unique unlimited filters: enjoy the endless variations of colors! Amazing post-filter effects: watercolor, crayon, pencil, oil ...... And you can share it with one click to show your friends your work on all major social platforms! Multiple images updated daily! Lots of elaborate coloring works with multiple themes: fantasy, people, food, animals, flowers, etc. to satisfy your different curiosities!

The game is also very simple, this is a full of imagination coloring game, starting from a gray picture, little by little coloring, the process is a little hard, but the success is full of surprises. First of all, after clicking into the game, go to the page to be created to choose your favorite painting, which is a blank painting, there is no color, only the outline has been painted, there are landscapes, people, small animals, and objects in the gallery to choose the picture you want to color, there is no color on the picture but will be marked with a number, the player according to the number order to fill in the color, click on the coloring area, you can fill the paint into the If you can't see the numbers on the picture, you can zoom in and out. Of course, each picture has a difficulty level. When you first start playing, you can choose some simple pictures to practice, and later players can decide which picture is the best according to their ability.

When you're done, you can save it for your own enjoyment, or share it with your family and friends!


  • By Aakash kumar
    very good

    19 May,2023

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