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Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
3D Boys Girls Hypercasual

Developer: SYBO Games
os: Android IOS
size: 178M
updated: February 18, 2022




When it comes to parkour games, you should not be a stranger, do you like to play parkour games? This game is very casual, very suitable for bored time or want to relax when to play a hand, then you know this parkour game world's big brother general existence, ranked in many parkour games on the top of the list, more than 30 million clicks, received a lot of praise for this parkour game, he is developed by SYBO Games free endless parkour game, Subway Surfers

The game's initial interface theme is set in the city on the subway tracks, players need to avoid the police chase, dodge the oncoming trains, in this running process there are many obstacles will be across the middle of the road, you need to be flexible to avoid them, and keep running forward. There may be a fork in the road ahead, think about the left or right, see the pile of debris, jump over! The road collapsed, stick to the edge of the walk do not fall! Subway Surfers" is very high playability, although only need players by tapping the screen to control the character's running, jumping, turning and other actions. But players parkour space there are three: ordinary ground, the top of the train, the use of props in the air all the way forward. Players can choose the role of the game is also very rich, I believe you will experience after the experience will be very addictive!

The game graphics are bright and colorful, and there are several scenes to choose from, so I believe players will be quickly attracted to the game. The exquisite game graphics, including the character design and background music, greatly reduces the player's tension when playing the game, making the entire game process more relaxed and enjoyable. Of course, the gold in parkour is also essential, otherwise the run so excellent still no reward that is too meaningless, remember to collect gold along the way, and then gold can be exchanged for more props Oh.


How To Play

Subway Surfers" is also very simple, players only need to use their fingers to slide up on the screen, the character will jump up, note, here to mention a point, the character began to run, unless you encounter obstacles forced to fail and you tap the pause button on the screen, in addition to once you start running, the character will not stop, and the speed is gradually from slow to fast. If you want to turn, players can slide the screen to the left or right, you can also slide down to let the character crouch, these ways can help the character avoid obstacles, feel the character in so many obstacles, relying on your skills and shuttle freely, think it is also a very sense of accomplishment.

After the game starts, players can slide the character to the left, the character will jump to the left side of the railroad, if the character slides to the right, the character will jump to the right side of the railroad, for example, there is a train driving over to the left of the player, then the player needs to slide the character to the right, so the character can jump to the right side of the road to avoid obstacles. Do not forget to collect gold coins along the way. Players can also use the game's props, such as: super sneakers, flying backpack, gold magnets, which have different skills.

In addition to the single player mode, players can also click on the arena to select different modes such as: score match, prop match and hack with friends. Score Match is where players will be randomly matched with two characters for a match, and the highest score wins. Prop race is where players use some props to distance themselves from other players during the game, and the first player to reach the finish line wins. Of course you can also create a room and invite your friends to play with you, these are all determined by your preference.


  • By Thernous Marie Witnaila
    I love this game so much in then is free every day i'm gonna play this game.

    6 Oct,2023

  • By kater
    free games

    12 Jun,2023

  • By perla
    I love this game , its so interesting and with a lot of adrealine

    25 May,2023

  • By yogesh
    it is very super game

    24 May,2023

  • By vandit dedha
    I want to play game

    18 May,2023

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