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Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen
Adventure Girls

Developer: Elex
os: Android IOS
size: 108M
updated: January 14, 2022




Love Nikki - Dress Up Queen ----- is dedicated to the dreams and wonders of girls.

This is a classic 2D dress-up game, the player is a mediocre pink-haired girl named Su Nuan Nuan, with a pet cat called Big Meow, came to a place called Miracle Continent, where people compete and fight through matching, there are seven countries, divided into Apple Federation, Lillith Kingdom, Cloud Empire, Dove Kingdom, Northland Kingdom, Wasteland Republic, Ruin Island. Each country has its own unique style background, there are also unique name clothing, together to explore the story behind them in different countries to make friends to complete the task. And Nuan seems to be the pink-haired girl who was prophesied to be able to stop the destruction of the Miracle Continent, will open a different fantasy journey here. And will she be able to take on these responsibilities?

Seemingly calm under the continent, in fact, dark currents, the current chapter has been updated more than 100 levels, each chapter each level has a different task requirements, through the player with the corresponding attributes and style requirements of the clothing. Let us follow the development of the plot together to see the secrets hidden under the beauty of this continent, the identity of unknown friends, dreams of the queen, the enemy unknown dark sentry, are waiting for you in the journey ahead, come on, in order to guard the faith of the heart, and the struggle of the world, you have the confidence to help Nuan to change the fate of the world?

Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen" game the entire picture design are very dreamy and exquisite, the background music style is easy and cheerful, the girl's heart burst. Game play in addition to match the competition also has more other ways to play more rich and interesting.


How To Play

The gameplay is relatively simple, there are currently different chapters and levels in the game, each level will let you compete, and with whom? Naturally, it is the NPCs in the game. As long as you have clothes with reasonable attributes and match them according to the requirements and style of each level, you can win as long as you are higher than the NPCs' ratings. Each level will have fixed clothes, accessories and other random drops, which is one of the most common means of collection. The rewards from the drops can be used to upgrade more gorgeous clothing and accessories. There are many ways to obtain clothing, the most basic is through the clothing store to buy, brush level drops, with the design of the production, you can also participate in the lottery to get.

There is an arena in the game, in this arena competition is no longer NPC, but real players, through the continuous collection of high attribute clothes to match, and other designers PK when there are ten "skills" can be used, reasonable release your skills, defeat the opponent, ladder victory, get the title, there will be The game will often open regular events and events that will be held in the game. The game will often open regular activities and recharge activities, senior clothes can be obtained from them, generally through the activities of the clothes are 5-star, by chance on the kind of large holiday activities, probably 6-star clothes. In the game you can also make clothes with your own hands, choose your favorite fabric, dye and pattern to make, is a great sense of achievement.

There are three types of tokens in the game, each with a different purpose. The most precious one is called diamond, which can only be obtained through daily activity rewards and recharge, and you can also complete the clothing collection to get diamond, which is also an indispensable token every time you want to get beautiful new clothes. The more diamonds you have, the more clothes you can collect.


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