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Clash Royale

Clash Royale
Clash Royale
Action Adventure

Developer: Supercell
os: Android IOS
size: 139M
updated: November 10, 2021




Warlords is a strategy game developed by Supercell and released on March 2, 2016. Warlords is a spin-off of Clash of Clans, and as such is more similar to Clash of Clans in terms of graphics and overall style of gameplay. If you're a fan of Clash of Clans, you may want to try out Warlords as well.

Although Clash of Clans is a spin-off of Clash of Clans, the gameplay is very different. While Clash of Clans is based on building, Warlords is a card battle based game where players will collect various cards for defense and battle. Each deck is made up of eight cards, each with a character's skills and how to use them, and the cards are divided into three types: armies, buildings, and spells. (Cards are also differentiated by level, with four levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary.) Upgrades can be made to improve the cards' abilities. Players choose the deck to fight, cooperate with each other, and complete the game's goal to win. It is a test of the player's talent and strategy. Once the player has chosen, the system will match other players for PK.

Battle Royal has over 100 cards for players, including familiar troop, spell and defense cards from Clash of Clans, as well as many other cards. Place your cards correctly in battle to defeat your opponent and achieve victory. You'll have access to a new arena with more powerful opponents. Choose unique cards to increase your chances of winning this match. Are you confident to beat them and unlock new and more powerful cards?

There are players from all over the world waiting to challenge you. The moment you place your cards will determine your success or failure, win in your own unique way and become the most powerful nation!


How To Play

In 1v1 mode, opponents are randomly matched by the system. Through 1v1 battles, players will be able to increase the number of cups and advance to higher arenas. In the 2v2 mode, special modes and challenges will be introduced periodically.

Players will start the battle by freely combining decks in the game. Each deck contains 8 cards, and the card groups are army, building and spell. The game uses the holy water mechanism, and there can be up to 10 holy water, and players can summon cards with holy water to attack their opponents and make them take certain damage, and players have to match them according to their lineups reasonably. If they want to win in "Battle Royal", players must know each card's attributes. For example, which cards have high damage and which cards have better defense features are the keys to victory. Of course summoning different cards will consume varying amounts of holy water. Players can summon soldiers, spells and buildings through the cards, attack the opponent's castle and push down the enemy's main castle to win.

Game highlights.

1、Epic card strategy game, choose your favorite cards and play against players from all over the world.

2, collect and upgrade more than one hundred different hero cards. Flexible use, play your king-like strength.

3、Join the tribe and lead the royal war clan to victory! Get the shining trophies.

4、Room War is suitable for players over thirteen years old.

In a match, the winning side will receive gold, trophies and treasure chests (cards that appear randomly); if the match is lost, the player's trophies will be deducted. The game proceeds at a fast pace and players have to react in time. There are many cards that can be collected in the game and if you want to use them flexibly, you have to know the ability of each card.


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