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Flick Home Run!

Flick Home Run!
Flick Home Run!
Boys Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: infinity pocket
os: Android IOS
size: 27.4 MB
updated: Jun 14, 2016




Do you like playing sports like baseball? But you can't go to experience it in person and don't have extra time and money. Come with me into the world of Flick Home Run ! s world and experience a most realistic baseball simulation. Flick Home Run is a sports game developed by Infinity Pocket and released on October 15, 2011. Unlike most sports games, Flick Home Run has cartoonish graphics that make it look very casual and cute, and players can experience the thrill of sports in different ways! The game is physics-based, with different speeds and angles causing the baseball to fly at different heights and distances. If you want to become a "baseball master", it seems you need to practice more.

Flick Home Run ! is a cartoon style creative baseball simulation game, the game design is quite new and interesting, and the game is quite fast-paced, with a strong sense of operation experience, very interesting. Players will use their fingers as baseball bats to hit the baseballs one by one, but this is not an easy task, which requires you to master the high baseball skills to conquer the whole field. Experience the thrill of swinging the ball realistically and enjoy the sense of accomplishment after completing the task.

There are various game modes, such as multiplayer mode, moon star mode, training mode, etc. Each mode will give you a different gaming experience, are you confident to swing the baseball successfully? Compete with players from all over the world and see who can be the final winner. Use your great baseball skills to participate in a variety of tournaments with exciting and diverse gameplay, and compete with different competing team players for victory.

The moment the baseball flies out, success or failure is decided ......


How To Play

In the game "Flick Home Run ! " game, there are 10 game modes for players to choose from: Level 2 mode, Level 1 mode, Multiplayer mode, Moonstar mode, Training mode, Short Fight mode, Total mode, Getting Faster, Jitte mode and Blade mode. In the different modes, players have different tasks to complete and different gameplay, but no matter which mode, it is a fun and exciting challenge.

Flick Home Run ! 》 Although the game has 10 special modes, the game operation is roughly the same. Test your baseball skills. Players will replace the game's baseball bat with their fingers and place them on the bottom left corner of the screen to wait for the pitch and hit all the baseballs thrown at us. When the bat crosses the vertical line of the "hitting zone", swipe your finger on the screen to swing the bat at the ball. Hit the ball as hard as you can, landing it in a specific area or hitting it in an arc, which will collide with some bonus items on the level. When gaining a certain amount of experience, you can upgrade your skills to increase the power of your hits, improve the accuracy of your shots and know the pattern of the next ball in advance. Choose one of the three skills to upgrade so you can catch the ball easily. You are one step closer to being a real "baseball master".

Game features

1、Multiple modes for players to choose to experience, you can not only enjoy the fun of single-player games, but also compete with others.

2, baseball is a popular sport, the game theme is more eye-catching.

3, the game cartoon style, just simple operation, you can enjoy the endless joy.

When the player misses the ball, or misses too many balls, the game will end. In the game to get a higher score will be the goal of each player's game.


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