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Puzzles & Survival

Puzzles & Survival
Puzzles & Survival
Adventure Boys Puzzle

Developer: 37GAMES
os: Android IOS
size: 160M
updated: February 25, 2022




When you first see the game icon, you will think that this is a horror type of game. And what I am going to tell you now is that it is a strategy game that combines the elements of trivial elimination and survival. This is indeed unexpected. Combining the triple elimination and survival together, the playability of the game is brought to the extreme, so what kind of sparks will come out of this unexpected match?

When a virus swept the earth, most of the humans were infected into zombies, and you as one of the survivors, how to survive in this fragmented environment? You must find survivors just like you and rescue them! It is a long and difficult process, but the world is not so desperate. Because some of those infected by the virus have superpowers, they have not only not fallen into zombies, but also gained the ability to rescue humans from it. Now, let them join you and become your right hand man to continue saving survivors in this crippled world.

Not only do you have to face the zombies, but you also have to complete matching puzzles on a path covered with gems, which is the only means of rescuing survivors and also an important means of obtaining weapons. This elimination level is like another battlefield where you have to use your wits when facing a crisis and complete specific objectives in the system in order to successfully pass the game. Of course, in addition to the classic combat gameplay, players also need to build and upgrade the relevant facilities, and the game also sets the relevant attributes and skills of the hero, greatly improving the strategy of the game.

Puzzles & Survival's game theme is more relaxed than other strategy games, the overall pace of the game is more on the casual side and does not bring tension to the player.


How To Play

At a time when the species is on the verge of extinction and in danger, evil strikes, danger will approach step by step, the virus begins to spread, and players need to go out with other heroes to overcome the difficulties together.

First, players need to build a world's largest shelter for these surviving survivors in the game. This will prevent these zombies from coming to attack. After building the shelter, players need to upgrade it, build your base, and upgrade your own strategic weapons.

Many survivors have been infected by the virus in the process of survival, but there are heroes with super powers in this world, players need to gather these heroes and make them your right arm, you can also help them to upgrade and make them more powerful to fight those abominable zombies with you.

Like all elimination games, players need to match 3 and more of the same elements to make them eliminate on the screen. And unlike most elimination games, the purpose of elimination in this game is to destroy the zombies. There will be a triple elimination puzzle on the screen, with a varying number of zombies above the puzzle and the heroes at the bottom of the screen. Both the zombie and the hero have life value settings. Each time you eliminate a gem, the zombie will be attacked to different degrees, and when the life value is 0, you are dead.

Matching requirements, by clicking two adjacent gems can exchange positions, and players have to match 3 or more gems of the same color, when the number of matching gems reaches 4 or more, it can generate some special effects props, and this will help players to eliminate more gems. The more gems you eliminate, the more powerful the attack will be. In addition, when the number of elimination reaches a certain level, it can trigger the hero skill, and this will cause more damage to the zombies.


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