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Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
Action Boys Hypercasual

Developer: Kongregate, Inc
os: Android IOS
size: 87.03MB
updated: March 2, 2022




Have you found a mini-game that suits you now? Do you want to play games while you can see the delicious food? Or do you like cartoon elements of the game as the theme, funny elements of the style of the game? Now there are more and more types of games so what is the mainstream trend in the game? The more types of games the audience will be different, and there will be more and more players to join our games.

So now this Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre game through a variety of candy world for players composed of casual games. This fresh and lovely picture brings a comfortable background to the player while playing the game, while the image design and attack mode of the character gives the player a visual impact. Overall it can bring very pleasant fun to the players.

At the same time this game is very challenging, as the game goes deeper you need to complete more challenges in the game, adding some fun to the players.

The story of the game is that one of your food recipes was stolen by these rubber candy army, so you have to fight against them to get the recipe back, this game you can also buy some aids before the game starts to help you complete the challenge effectively.

You can also use gold coins to buy your character and change your character to improve your character's fighting and flight time, so do you think you can beat the rubber candy army in the game?

As the game continues, the game's sense of speed performance is great, when you fly at high speed, the game's background will follow your flight speed flashing, then be careful not to be dazzled oh.


How To Play

In the game you will control a belt to eject the bison violently, then in the flight to a distance, you need to click to increase the jump to defeat the rubber candy, give them a heavy blow while cleaning up the invasion of gummy bears, in the flight will encounter a lot of props to assist your flight, some can extend the flight time, some can make you gold bonus, some can end your flight, but also Some are bombs to stop you from flying, so you have to be careful of them, in the flight you may also encounter wearing police costumes rubber candy, if you accidentally step on them when flying too fast, you will be slowed down, if you step on the rubber police when flying very slow, you will be caught and thrown into the police car.

Of course, this Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre game in order to enrich the fun of the game, we can also through the previously obtained gold in the game's mall to buy a variety of auxiliary skills, skills are well understood, improve are some of the props beneficial to their own flight, but you can also use gold after defeating the rubber candy army while getting a higher score You can also use the gold coins to buy the auxiliary props you need in the game or other characters to enhance your flying ability in the game. For example, extend the bounce time, increase the initial speed, increase the destruction power, etc.

Of course, in any level, the game will also pass through different levels of difficulty. When you jump you must step on the rubber candy or you will fail the challenge. The game is scored according to the distance from the starting point when you control the character jump to the final landing.

The meaning of the game about the level is actually a BOSS that exists in this game, you only have to jump to the end to defeat it, and then you can get access to the next level.


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