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Papa's Freezeria To Go!

Papa's Freezeria To Go!
Papa's Freezeria To Go!
Cooking Girls Hypercasual

Developer: Flipline Studios
os: Android IOS
size: 35.3MB
updated: April 28, 2021




Do you want to have your own ice cream store? Make all kinds of delicious drinks in it and enjoy this wonderful process, come and play "Papa's Freezeria To Go!" it can satisfy you. Papa's Freezeria To Go!" is a strategic management game developed by Flipline Studio and belongs to the "Papa's Restaurant" management game series. The game takes place in an ice cream restaurant, where players will play the role of an operator, providing delicious ice cream for customers who come to your store and allowing you to make drinks to cure the whole hot summer!

The game screen is designed with cartoon characters, the overall cartoon clear, and the cold drink store is very compatible, the picture is also very fresh and healing, the background music sounds wonderful, but also more suitable for the hot summer, I believe it will bring players a different surprise. The system will give players in different time periods to receive different orders, customers will also come to the store to buy ice cream anytime, anywhere. It allows players to play for hours of continuous fun and keeps you on a fast pace.

In "Papa's Freezeria To Go!", players only need to make simple ice cream, but each flavor of ice cream has different ingredients that need to be matched by the player, otherwise customers will not be happy. So you can sell to your customers and get some profit, then you can decorate your ice cream store and unlock more ingredients, the gameplay is very simple, but also with a little puzzle components. If you are interested in food simulation games, then don't miss "Papa's Freezeria To Go!


How To Play

The gameplay is very simple, players just need to run their own drink store, each customer will tell you the order he needs, and then you make delicious drinks for each customer according to his needs on it, the whole game process just need to drag, slide and click to complete the process of making drinks, not very complicated very simple. Your store drinks include: ice cream, juice, coffee, fried ice, etc., which can be sold freely. Each customer has a different taste, if you have a wide variety of drinks in your store, then the customer's chance to choose will increase, and will also attract more customers, your income will also increase with your income. In addition, players also need to constantly upgrade their stores and improve the service level of the store, because only a high level of service can provide customers with the best shopping experience and get more repeat customers.

You need to have some patience and take your time to make your store bigger. To make your customers happy, you can grind different fruits and nuts and add them to the drinks with different flavorings so that the multiple flavors will be more delicious and the drinks will look more attractive that way.

If you want to make different drinks, then players also need to buy different production equipment so that you can make different types of drinks, and also the more equipment you have, the more products you can make and the more choices your customers will have! Decorate your own store to make the store environment more comfortable, in addition, you also need to improve your craft so that you can make the most delicious drinks in the fastest possible time, so that customers will not wait too long.


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