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Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
3D Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: King
os: Android IOS
size: 75M
updated: February 10, 2022




Do you want to have your own farm, grow some fruits and vegetables and enjoy the joy of harvesting? Come and play Farm Heroes Saga for your satisfaction! Farm Heroes Saga is a classic game developed by King, a British online game company, and has been popular among players since its release. Each level requires collecting the crops needed for the task in a prescribed number of steps.

Players continue to complete the game from spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons change level game background, from the snow-capped glaciers to the hot summer desert. There are hundreds of levels, each with a unique theme, waiting for players to explore and challenge. The game players have to disguise as farmers to harvest ripe crops, but also to protect their poultry from being stolen by wolves and foxes. The more you eliminate the higher the score, of course, each level to collect all the crops within the specified number of steps, the player will enjoy the joy of harvest after entering the target task, the player can also use the game props to help pass the level. The game is simple and fun, easy to learn, very suitable for playing when bored, there are rich levels, beautiful game graphics and so on you to challenge!

Game Features

-A very interesting farm game where you can freely level up

-There are many animal species to choose from

-There are many different types of buildings that you can unlock as you progress

-Collect produce, food, and basic supplies

-You can also buy eggs and wool to gain more experience and coins

-Catch those who try to destroy your farm


How To Play

Lancer the raccoon is trying to destroy precious farmland and intends to steal many crops while patronizing it. Join the farm heroes and help collect crops to protect the farm! Swap, match and collect crops in hundreds of farm levels! Match 3 or more crops to harvest properly, and think carefully about how to move to get a great harvest and, most importantly, a high score! Face the challenges of multiple modes and levels in this rustic harvest adventure, and defeat Lancer in his alpha battle! There's a wealth of magical props and secondary props to help you break through the levels!

In an elimination game like Farm Heroes Saga, players only need to slide their fingers in the game to make three or more identical fruits and vegetables connected horizontally and vertically to eliminate them. When three and four identical patterns appear, priority will be given to eliminating four identical patterns, and after successfully eliminating three or more fruits and vegetables, there will be an additional bonus - -Cute radish, the number in the lower right corner represents the number of radishes awarded, so that three connected together will eliminate six radishes. This will result in a very high score. So players have to make good use of this setting, create consecutive elimination, get the bonus reward marked by the fruit and vegetables, and then create consecutive elimination on top of the bonus, so that the bonus number increases layer by layer and explodes to eliminate a round! Each level of the game has a specific task, which is one of its major points of play, each level will require the elimination of a certain number of fruit and vegetables, players in the game is best not to focus on eliminating a type of fruit and vegetables, otherwise it is likely to end the game before the number of steps consumed, which is one of its major difficulties, because the number of steps is limited, players must look at the number of elimination and steps to play, before the number of mobile steps run out to collect all the designated Crop, even if successful.


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