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Among Us

Among Us
Among Us
Adventure Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Innersloth LLC
os: Android IOS
size: 124M
updated: March 10, 2022




Among Us" is a casual strategy game produced and published by Innersloth, Find Out Who's Undercover? The game is set on top of a spaceship with 4 to 10 players and has two camps: the crew and the undercover. 1 to 3 players can play as the undercover, the crew can get clues and strange hints through different missions to find the undercover and win the game, while the undercover players need to destroy, create chaos, disturb other players and successfully kill all the characters present to win.

Each player in the game has a different identity, but you must find your fellow players of the same camp, but do not reveal your identity in the game, this will put you in a dangerous situation and the players of the enemy camp will find a way to kill you. Players can use the various settings of the spaceship to kill your opponents and win. Players will be reasoning their way through the game while completing their tasks, challenging!

Winning conditions.

Crew camp: complete all spaceship construction tasks or throw out undercover agents by voting. Crew members should avoid acting alone when completing tasks, and can find teammates to cooperate, otherwise there are no witnesses when they are killed by undercover agents.

Undercover camp: by destroying key parts of the ship's time-limited tasks, if the crew does not complete the corresponding task (repair the reactor or repair the oxygen supply device) within the specified time then the undercover camp wins. There is also a win condition, which is to keep killing crew members until the number of undercover agents is the same as the number of crew members, then you will win.

Game highlights.

1. You can play different roles in the game and experience different ways of playing. The conditions for each character to win are different, and the plot of the game is more colorful.

2, simple and interesting deduction game, the game is full of various challenges, enjoy the joy of deduction.

3, the player can disguise their role through the voice to not be found by the opponent. The gameplay is relatively new.


How To Play

First of all, open the game into the main interface of the game, where the game has four kinds of LAN battle (LOCAL), online battle (ONLINE), training mode (HOW TO PLAY) and free action mode (FREEPLAY), new players can first enter the training mode, familiar with a variety of tasks and props. Training mode inside there will be some tasks to complete, for example; walk to the "weapons (weapons room)" this area, control the weapon to break 20 stones to complete the task, "electrical (electrical room)" this task has two, the first click on it can be completed, the second we push the brightest red things up on the line, at first there are tips on the screen, players can click on the screen according to the tips Tips.

In the player, there will be a difference between crew and undercover. While the crew is completing random missions inside the ship, the undercover agents pretend to complete the mission, but are actually sabotaging the completion of the mission and killing the crew. It is up to the crew to find a way to repair the damage the undercover agent has done to the ship and keep themselves from being killed. The crew wins when they complete all the missions. The game also has a voting process to determine who is undercover, and players can vote for who they think is undercover. However, be careful not to vote randomly, you must state your reason, and random votes will be voted out by other players.

Players can also disguise their role by voice. When a crew member is killed, you can prove that you are just completing a mission by voice to prove that you have an alibi.


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