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My Talking Angela 2

My Talking Angela 2
My Talking Angela 2
3D Girls Hypercasual

Developer: Outfit7 Limited
os: Android IOS
size: 148M
updated: February 21, 2022




The shiniest new game is here - My Talking Angela 2 is waiting for you to join!

The coolest city adventure with real friendship magic, dance, bake, make music, travel and sparkle together, express your style with endless customization options! The ultra-popular Angela is back with a brand new twist, and in this My Talking Angela 2, everything is brand new! Angela has become even more beautiful, the scenes have become more vibrant and colorful, so how about saying hello to old friends you haven't seen in a while? Take care of your own virtual pets, you can treat them like children, feeding, bathing, playing, none less, Angela will be with you all the time, you can tell her anything that bothers you, she will also imitate your voice and tell you jokes to make you happy.

Super fun pet raising game, where you will meet the new cute baby cats Oh, adopt your own Angela baby, and for her grooming dress, brush teeth and bath, play with her, feed her. Help her grow from a small baby cat into a big cat beauty Oh! Of course if you want, you can keep her in a little baby state all the time oh. There is a complete system of raising your baby Angela, from the birth of your baby Angela to name, give her a bath and feed her, each step can not be done without your careful care, if not done properly she will show happy, hungry, sleepy, bored and other emotions, respectively.

Come and join the My Talking Angela 2 family and become friends with everyone, more interesting and wonderful adventures are waiting for you.


How To Play

In the game no you can train your Angela friend as you like, raise her, sing to her, give her delicious food, do you want to make her a big star, no problem! Adopt Angela and make her your virtual pet for life! Help her become a stylish urban cat beauty. From brushing her teeth to shopping for fashion, she's all yours! Give Angela a personalized makeup look to make your beautiful fashion taste glow! Lipstick, eyeshadow, blush - her makeup is yours! With dozens of different colors and endless room for creativity, let your creativity run wild!

My Talking Angela 2 offers a wide variety of delicious foods such as salads, cookies and juices, which can be purchased directly by opening the refrigerator in the kitchen. If you want Angela to feel full of happiness, then let her eat until she is very full! In addition, you can also use any two foods as ingredients and use the "juicer" to make smoothies for Angela to taste, and see what strange and interesting effects will be!

Angela is very clean and pays attention to personal hygiene. When she urgently needs to go to the toilet, she must give the restroom out. It's also a good habit to brush your teeth after a meal, and using the electric toothbrush in the restroom will make Angela's teeth sparkling white. If Angela is surrounded by clouds of filth, it's time to take a nice soak in the tub!

Angela always wakes up early in the morning with a messy coat that doesn't look very nice, so she'll be happy if you can help groom her. My Talking Angela 2 has a separate dressing room for Angela, where you can use a comb to smooth out her fur, and then you can start picking out her outfit to determine her makeup!


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