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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: King
os: Android IOS
size: 363.9 MB
updated: February 28, 2022




Candy Crush Saga the most popular sweet game ever, super candy, delicious to share. Start a delicious and incomparable puzzle-solving adventure in this magical candy kingdom. 

Candy Crush Saga is a casual elimination game developed by King. In this game that combines elimination and practice, players can experience the game easily and happily without much pressure, just combine the same candy squares together to eliminate them. The game has a unique strategic meaning.

The game has beautiful graphics with colorful colors, each candy is delicately engraved and very attractive to the player's eyes. The style of the game is mainly cartoonish and cute, so it is very suitable for female friends to play, of course, players who like elimination games must not miss it.

The game contains more than 200 levels waiting for players to challenge, the game play is also varied, the game can be divided into: let the player in the specified number of steps to reach a certain score, eliminate the candy squares, each time on the candy squares to eliminate a whole row or column of candy squares, move specific items to the bottom position, in the specified time to reach the specified score. Don't underestimate these types of game play, when they are combined together they are still very challenging. When you destroy a group of candies, you will also trigger some special candies.

At the beginning of the game, you will have five hearts for the level challenge, and one heart will be deducted for each failure, and one will be restored every thirty minutes. When the hearts are zero, you can't do the challenge, so you can send a request to your Facebook friends to give back hearts or pay for them.

Join Candy Crush Saga and challenge for a higher score!


How To Play

The gameplay of Candy Crush Saga is based on the theme of candy elimination. The simplest and most basic gameplay is to connect 3 to 5 candies together and when they are arranged on a horizontal line, they can be eliminated and the player will get the corresponding score after elimination. If the player connects more candies, the greater the power of elimination, and the score will increase accordingly. As the game progresses, boosters can be unlocked, and using them will eliminate more candies and take your score to the next level.

If you are a beginner in elimination games, you can start by connecting three candies at first. When playing with some experience, you can connect multiple candies together, because connecting more than three candies together will trigger more special candies, such as - striped candies, wrapped candies, rainbow candies, which are definitely more helpful to the game! Sometimes they can help you eliminate significantly. If you can connect two rainbow candies together, the whole page will be eliminated in just one step.

Game features.

1、Let you be in the candy kingdom, sweet and delicious candies, that one is your favorite.

2, easy to get started, interesting gameplay, and more tricks for you to discover.

3, colorful levels can be unlocked to experience, so you game process full of joy and fun.

4, clever use of boosters, solve tricky problems, easy to pass.

5, the game play is simple, but the levels inside are also difficult and challenging.

While playing, players must reason out what will happen if they move a candy. There are many levels in the game, and each level will not play the same, so if you are interested, then hurry up and join!


  • By Jessica Waugh
    love this game

    3 Jul,2023

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