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Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2
Angry Birds 2
Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Corporation
os: Android IOS
size: 73M
updated: February 17, 2022




Dear players, do you still remember the birds that are on fire all over the world? Do you remember playing Angry Birds 2 casual game when you were a kid? This is a fun from the fingertips and combined with physics elements, this is still a continuation of the classic gameplay of the series and upgraded to make the game more playable.

The main characters in this game, the birds and the green-skinned pig conflict between each other is almost never resolved, so you still help the birds in this game, although you see is to help the birds attack the green-skinned pig, the reason why the birds want to attack him, because this pig took the birds' eggs, so they need to grab back their eggs, which is why you need to help them.

In "Angry Birds 2", you will fight with a group of round birds to defeat the green pig. Don't be fooled by the roundness of the birds as they will bounce off the slingshot and will deliver a huge attack. In addition to the original bird characters, this game also includes new birds with their own special explosive power that will generate amazing power in the game.

In Angry Birds 2, there are many challenging levels. In each level, the player has to control the direction of the bird's projection to destroy the green pig's bunker. Don't think this is an easy target, there will be physics involved.

The game goes from simple to difficult, and the further you get, you will find that completing a level is very difficult and requires multiple attempts to learn from experience. Whatever the difficulty, don't give up, your efforts will be rewarded!

Help the birds get their eggs back in Angry Birds 2, I'm sure you can, enter this game together and find the fun of your childhood!


How To Play

In the game, you will start by firing the bird as a marble. In this process you need to control and aim well at the object to be attacked, you need to be careful to make the bird knock down the buildings made of materials such as wood, ice and stone and connect them with the green pigs. The goal of each level is to destroy all the green pigs hidden in the buildings.

Use your finger to pull the slingshot on the screen, the further back the slingshot is, the more power it generates and the further the bird can be catapulted. Move the slingshot up and down to adjust the shooting angle. Depending on the target you need to hit, adjusting the direction and strength properly can make your attack safer.

There are several types of birds to play with, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, some birds have longer range but weaker attacks, so players must use the characteristics of each bird wisely. Similarly, green pigs come in different classes. The most common are the less resistant ones, which can usually be destroyed with a single attack, while some pigs are larger and can resist more damage, sometimes requiring the player to make multiple attacks.

The game incorporates a card element, with birds and mana displayed on cards, and players must defeat the piglets in each stage of the level before the cards run out. Players have a total of 30 stamina in the game, and when they fail in a level, 5 stamina is deducted. When the player's stamina falls below 5, the player will not be able to play the game.

The game is also full of many interesting and unknown levels, and there are many organs and traps, in which you need to have different attack strategies.

Hurry into this "Angry Birds 2" game to find the fun of childhood!


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