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Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Roblox Corporation
os: Android IOS
size: 129M
updated: March 3, 2022




Have you ever tried to design and create a game by yourself? It is loved and sought after by other players. Now there is a chance, are you willing to try it once? Join "ROBLOX" and let's create digital content together!

ROBLOX" is a game with a high degree of freedom, where players can create as much as they want with their imagination. The games in this world are created by the players themselves. All games are coded in the programming language Lua. It is possible to play a variety of different types of games created by yourself and other developers. It is versatile in style, compared with My World, in addition to the traditional exploration and construction sandbox gameplay, there are more gameplay role-playing, first-person shooting, action fighting, survival, racing and other gameplay included in it, so players have more choices, and there is always a style for you.

ROBLOX is a main sandbox style adventure exploration RPG works, the game players can freely build different maps and scenes, has the most open fun play mode, but also can experience a large number of style play elements. The gameplay is highly free. You can build the world like Lego blocks, or you can experience survival in the castle you build.

You can also create your own game in the scene map of ROBLOX, including game rules, game world and game content can be created by yourself, and then hang to "Roblox" for other players to experience, in layman's terms, even the type of game can be created by yourself, including FPS, RPG, puzzle, racing, etc., to create your own personalized game style. The most special thing is that if the game you create yourself is popular with other players, then you can also make profit from it, which is another trick to make money.


How To Play

Roblox has many customization features, including the appearance of the characters, costumes and various scenes. The game genre can be created by yourself and you are not only a participant in this game, but also a maker of this game. You can explore 3D virtual worlds carefully designed by other players together with your friends. Not only can you experience the thrill of the race in immersive multiplayer, but you can also play as dinosaurs, miners, astronauts and other characters in immersive adventures. Props as far as you can see can be used to build castles, vehicles, sky gardens and more.

The core of Roblox is to use your imagination and creative mind to customize your character. The game offers a wide range of materials to choose from, thousands of hats, shirts, expressions, equipment and other accessories to customize your own virtual image. Players can also design and create fun mini-games, make their own rules, and get more players to play the games you make.

Roblox offers multi-platform support so you can join with friends and others on computers, mobile devices, xboxone and vr devices.

The game style is pixel block graphics style with high definition 3D graphics under a strong pixel style. The game interface is fascinating, which has many mini-game categories that are fun and rich in gameplay and variety. Because it is an online game, you will not feel lonely and bored, and you can communicate with gamers from all over the world and become friends.

Game features.

1、There are other players in the game, even if you are alone you won't feel lonely use chat, private message, group and other functions to communicate with your friends!

2、The game covers a variety of game genres including shooting, role-playing, racing, puzzle solving, etc. The game experience is superb.

3, the game's creativity is great, worth your time and effort to play.


  • By LordShell1
    Roblox is awesome

    3 Jul,2023

  • By yasmyna

    28 Jun,2023

  • By Antoine
    i love

    27 Jun,2023

  • By Lorenza De Vivo
    Hi my name is Lori !!!

    16 Jun,2023

  • By ナガオユウコ

    12 Jun,2023

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