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Snake.io - Fun Online Slither

Snake.io - Fun Online Slither
Snake.io - Fun Online Slither
Action Hypercasual

Developer: Kooapps Games
os: Android IOS
size: 45M
updated: February 8, 2022




Want to get a sense of accomplishment from the weak gradually become more powerful? That would be exciting and confident! Slither.io is a free multiplayer casual game developed by Steve Howse and released in 2016. The gameplay is very simple to use and fun, players just need to control a bug in the game slither and make it gradually become stronger and survive longer in the game.

The game has players from all over the world who share your goal of growing and surviving in the game. You can't avoid the competition between you and use various game tricks to beat your opponents and become the most powerful worm.

The gameplay and graphics of Slither.io are simple but addictive and challenging, and you will reap a great sense of achievement when you become the final winner of the whole game.

Game features.

① The gameplay is classic and simple, slide your bugs to find food and gradually get stronger

② The game app is available for free and there are players from all over the world

③ The game also provides a two-player mode, players can invite their friends to compete to see who is more powerful

④ The graphics are simple, the characters are cute, and a large number of character skins are waiting for you to pick

Snake.io combines the new fashionable art with the oldest classic snake game mechanics for players of all ages, and you can use it anytime and anywhere! It's going to be an addictive casual game where each player controls a small snake that gradually grows bigger and bigger, and in addition to eating the most basic food, players can develop their own strategies to beat other snakes, which makes the whole game much more playable again!


How To Play

Snake.io's gameplay is very simple and easy to control. Players only need to drag their fingers on the screen to control the direction of the worm. The game canvas is covered with colorful dots, control the worm's body to touch more dots, the worm's size will gradually increase. When the player presses the left mouse button or blank key, the worm will accelerate, but its size will shrink as a result. So use the acceleration key at critical moments, it will be better for the worm to keep its size. If you get bigger, then you'll have more chances to attack other players, but you also need to be aware that this means you'll move slower than you did before, and that's something you need to be aware of! Of course if you want to improve your speed, then you can use boosters, that is, when you and the enemy are moving forward together, you can immediately use the booster, fast forward, so that it has no chance to reflect, so that it will be able to directly hit your body and become your food! But you need to use it when you are sure, otherwise it will backfire!

You can use some combat strategies because when the bug's head hits another player's bug, it dies and turns into a big, extra bright dot, and by eating these dots, the player gains more energy and gets bigger. So, when you become big enough, you can surround another bug with your own body and make it hit your own body and turn into a dot so you can eat it without any problem and make yourself grow some. This is one of the tricks in the game. Players can customize the appearance of the bugs in the game, you can customize a cute appearance for your snake, a huge amount of skins waiting for you to choose.


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