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Bendy and the Ink Machine

Bendy and the Ink Machine
Bendy and the Ink Machine
Action Adventure

Developer: Joey Drew Studios
os: Android IOS
size: 56M
updated: April 25, 2019




Bandy and the Ink Machine" is a horror survival game developed by TheMeatly Games. Players will be in the horror of the eerie workshop to solve puzzles and escape, the whole process is full of twists and turns and adventure, brave explorers are you ready? Let's work together to find the secrets hidden behind the workshop.

The background of "Ink Machine Bandy" is a studio abandoned in the last century, the most popular mascot Bandy in Joey Drew's studio (a fictional studio) tries to turn the cartoon character made by Joey Drew into reality, but the ink machine Bandy and several cartoon characters are the same, there is a lack of soul and personality defects, so the original lively ink machine Bandy in the animation in reality Become an extremely scary existence. Players will play the game's protagonist Henry, suddenly one day received a mysterious invitation to explore the abandoned animator's studio of Joey Drew Studios, find the terrible demon Bandy, use your wits, solve the puzzle and escape from here. I believe that this game will break your childhood fantasy of this cartoon character Bandi, will change the image of Bandi, it is not in the fun and cute, everything will become more horrible. The game has 5 game chapters, are you confident that you can leave this place successfully? The ending of the story will be completed by you.

30 years have passed, our hero Henry returned to the town again and received a letter from Joey (the owner of the oil printer studio). Once again to the mimeograph animation studio where he once worked, what terrible things will be hidden inside. Let's go into the studio together and see the secrets that have been sealed for thirty years.


How To Play

The game "Bandy and the Ink Machine" begins with Henry returning to his old workplace, Joey Drew's animation studio, at the invitation of his colleague Joey Drew. Inside he finds the mysterious inking machine. Henry tries to start it, but fails and discovers that he must first find the required items before he can start it. After completing and restarting it, Henry returns to the place where the mimeograph machine is located, only to be attacked by the dreaded Bandy demon. Bandy is in hot pursuit of Joey, but there seems to be something hidden inside, what is going on?

The biggest feature of the game "Bandy and the ink machine", the whole game using cartoon style, graphics and scenes are very exquisite, using the first-person perspective players can be more immersive to feel the horror of the studio and eerie. More realistic. Players will be in a tense and exciting atmosphere for adventure. The whole game has a rich plot and puzzles, waiting for you to crack one by one, and find the answers to the puzzles. The game has a total of five chapters, and different game chapters bring you different game content.

Ink Bandy appears to be a tall, monstrous creature with a Mickey Mouse-like shape on its lower half. Its skin is made of black ink, similar to tar. Its head is very similar to the original Bandy, but the ink on top of his head keeps covering his eyes, his head has horns curved like a crescent moon, and he always grins widely. Ink Bandy is an immortal demonic entity that regenerates itself every time it is wounded, its hearing is as sensitive as an animal's, and it poses a great threat to anyone. It will constantly hunt down those humans and try to catch and kill them at the closest distance.


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