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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
Action Adventure Boys Girls

os: Android IOS
size: 328M
updated: January 25, 2022




This is a strange world full of strange energy. This continent is called Tivat, is a variety of elements intertwined reaction of the world, a very good brother and sister often travel to this world in the four seas, the result is that this time is trying to go back when the accident happened, was a self-proclaimed is a beautiful woman of the Heavenly Reason maintainer to intercept, without saying anything up to start a fight, the reason is that the brother and sister travel back and forth between the various worlds affect the balance. But soon the siblings found that even if the two of them joined forces, they could not defeat the woman to win.

So now, it's time for you to make a choice, two lines, one is to choose a brother, one is to choose a sister, after choosing a character the other character will be taken away by that beautiful sustainer, this Tiwat world, composed of seven elements, respectively, the wind, rock, ice, thunder, fire, wood, grass seven individual elements will react with each other as a way to prepare for the later elemental reaction to increase the damage. In addition, each of these seven elements corresponds to a deity, the seven deities and each of them guard a country, seven countries make up the continent in its entirety. Next, you will start a brand new journey, you do not understand and not clear what awaits you ahead, but only continue to move forward.

Game Features

-A magical continent where a new journey has begun

-Surreal scenery, every step is a surprise

-A world full of elements, choose your own elements

-Follow the soothing music and immerse yourself in this beautiful land

-Are you ready to start your adventure with Paimon?


How To Play

In the game, players control characters that are able to manipulate the elemental forces of wind, rock, ice, thunder, fire, wood, and grass. The reason for this is the recognition called the Eye of God, after gaining this recognition you can manipulate the elements inside the world. These people chosen by the Eye of God are given the opportunity to become gods, so they are called the original gods, which is the origin of this game. When you start to enter the plot to choose a brother or sister, the main character you choose will stay directly and adventure in this world, later as the plot advances you will unlock more ways to walk, and then you will meet a small partner called Pymon, who is your important friend, who will lead you to continue the next task, the main line or the secondary line. As you level up your adventure, your map will get bigger and bigger.

In the game world of Genshin Impact, running and doing quests is the most basic operation. Each completed quest will get the corresponding items and experience. In addition to running the map, opening various treasure chests will also get the corresponding experience props or weapons. A simple summary is to follow the system prompts to do the task, brush every corner of the Tiwat continent. Character upgrade experience props are divided into three kinds, respectively low-level, medium-level, high-level experience book. Weapons can also be worn according to the characteristics of each character.

You can meet some small monsters on the way to play, you can fight the whole point of the material, and mushrooms, iron ore, encounter the best to collect, follow the main line of walking the task on the line, slowly the characters will be more up, to the time there will be a newcomer card draw, the characters are divided into five stars to one star, can be drawn to five stars depends on your luck.


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