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Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
Adventure Hypercasual

Developer: PerBlue Entertainment, Inc.
os: Android IOS
size: 115.34MB
updated: February 15, 2022




What kind of sparks will come from the gathering of many classic animation characters? Do you want to know what kind of story will happen? Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is a fighting game developed by PerBlue Entertainment with Disney cartoon characters as the basic role to open the game, in which players need to train a series of Disney heroes to participate in competitive fighting battles, the game is rich in skills and special effects, interesting gameplay! The game has a super gorgeous battle battle effect, the heroes of this fantastic and wonderful role journey! .

Your city is infected with a virus, many people are infected with the terrible virus, so your goal is to destroy these viruses, but rely on your strength alone is very difficult, so you need to invite more powerful heroes combined into a team, such as you are familiar with the Lion King, the Superman team, Animal City, etc.. You fight side by side, I believe you will soon be able to win the victory.

Classic cartoon adaptation; extremely powerful sense of immersion, casual role-playing game, charming characters and excellent graphics. Unique game content, each update adds new content, although the battle is repeated. New action gameplay.

Game features.

① Contains several classic cartoon characters, such as: Beauty and the Beast, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. in the role.

② Each hero has different skills and strengths, the player's choice of more

③ novel gameplay, when the player defeats an enemy can get a new character partner

④ As the game progresses, the later levels will become more and more challenging.

If you are fond of Disney heroes, then be sure to try this game, more than other games it can bring you a familiar atmosphere, so you can better experience the fun of the game.


How To Play

Your city was eroded by the virus, you must find a way to save the city, that means that the player in the game may play a hero to save the world, but the power of your alone is not feasible, so in the game, the player needs to control the dark forces controlled by the superhero characters to fight, you can choose your favorite Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Merlin, Aladdin and so on and you You can choose your favorite Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Merlin, Aladdin and so on to fight alongside you, but each character's skills are different, so you need to choose according to your needs, so as to combine a more powerful team.

Your team of heroes will be located in every corner of the city, and each enemy they face is different, so you must develop a good strategy and reasonable deployment of your heroes. Each enemy in the game including your hero team, each of them will show their life value, and you can keep an eye on them. You can deploy the order of battle for each one of them, for example, you can make the hero with a big attack power attack the enemy first, and by this time the enemy may not have much blood left, then you can just let a hero to attack it, so that you can kill it successfully and avoid it to bleed back.

Rich game mode, the game uses automatic combat, the player's main operation is to launch skills when the character's energy accumulates to the maximum.

Hero battle mode strategically integrated battlefield, reasonable combination of hero characters can make your battle easier, you can also team up with friends to participate in group battle matches and special events. Defeat those who are controlled by the dark forces of superheroes. In short, in the game you need to develop a good strategy will go far!


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