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Free Fire

Free Fire
Free Fire
Action Adventure Boys

Developer: Garena International I
os: Android IOS
size: Varies with device
updated: February 9, 2022




Want to experience a real gunfight? What will you do when gunshots and footsteps suddenly come from the next room? Go up to watch or join the battle? Garena Free Fire is a free-to-play, ultra-realistic gunfighting game developed by Garena International I. The game is based on the theme of survival and offers single, two-player and multiplayer (4-player) modes, with many characters to choose from and Colorful weapons can come with a variety of gameplay waiting for you to challenge! The game starts with you competing against 49 players on a remote island, where you can choose to hide or advance and choose your own way of survival. You must also be on high alert at all times, as there will be enemies around at all times and your reflexes will have to be quick to be eliminated, kill enemies or be killed by enemies if you are not careful. As long as you can survive to the end, you will succeed in eating chicken. Of course it also depends on your own skills and luck in it.

Game features.

① The application is free to play and players can shoot as much as they want

② The rhythm of the game is fast, direct, simple to play and easy to learn

③ Game modes are varied, players can choose at will, choose your most preferred mode to experience

④ The game has exquisite graphics, a real wide map and a variety of materials, giving players a sense of immersion

⑤ The system provides voice chat, so players can communicate in real time and understand their respective trends anytime and anywhere

⑥ Freedom is very high, players can freely team up, free search, free combination of equipment and weapons, etc.

Garena Free Fire is very playable, not so monotonous compared to other games, and it is an addictive game, if you are interested in this kind of survival game, then Garena Free Fire is the best choice!


How To Play

The game will provide you with different game modes, such as: classic mode (contains a two-player mode, single player mode), ranking mode, team mode and so on. When you choose a mode, the game will start automatically, if you choose a team mode, but you are only one person, then after entering the game, the system will automatically match teammates, you you will get on a plane with your teammates and prepare to parachute to the place you want to go. If you are new to the game, it is recommended that you go to some remote places because the chances of meeting your opponent are very small. At first, do not go to places with a lot of people, such as some big cities, ports and so on, although the supplies here are abundant, but the enemies will also be very many, if you are not ready to choose some places with few people to parachute. When you land, you need to quickly collect weapons and medical supplies to make yourself strong, without weapons it is difficult to survive in the game, at first if you do not collect your favorite weapons, do not rush, you need to collect a random weapon to prevent suddenly encounter an enemy when you are helpless. You can also collect armor and helmets to increase your life force. Be sure to note that there are different levels of armor and helmets, so be sure to replace them when you encounter a higher level. If you want to collect more stuff, then you need a backpack with a large capacity. Kill enemies and take their resources. Find the enemy and swipe the screen to shoot at them, and it will be much easier with a weapon equipped with a scope on top. Observe the surrounding geography and choose a location that is favorable to you to attack, and it is also convenient for you to escape when the enemy is too strong. Acquire the necessary skills to drive, shoot, hide and observe the map to see the extent of the safety zone to ensure that you are always in a safe area. The latter mainly relies on dodging and killing the enemy, as to whether you can successfully eat chicken, it depends on your own skills and luck.


  • By गुलाब
    free fire is very best game

    3 Jul,2023

  • By junaid

    2 Jul,2023


    18 Jun,2023

  • By Shaikh ashfaque ibrahim
    i love free fire

    2 Jun,2023

  • By Shaikh ashfaque ibrahim
    than you

    2 Jun,2023

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