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The Game of Life 2

The Game of Life 2
The Game of Life 2
Hypercasual Puzzle

Developer: Marmalade Game Studio
os: Android IOS
size: 485M
updated: February 14, 2022




If you could do life over again, what would you choose? The Game of Life 2 is a casual board game developed by Marmalade Game Studio, where you can experience the different life choices that lead to very different life outcomes. When the cogs of fate begin to turn, will you choose Plan A or Plan B. The Game of Life 2 offers players a rich cast of characters with 1000 choices in which to experience a variety of exciting lives. The core element of the game is the game of life which is different from the reels.

The Game of Life 2" is a sequel to "The Game of Life". Compared to its predecessor, it adds more choices and storyline, so the player has more options. Play is also more rich.

The gameplay is very rich, players can adventure in different worlds, experience a different life fun. Players can also unlock more characters, interesting and highly playable. In "Game of Life 2", players do not need to spend any money to be able to experience a different life. All the worlds, costumes, vehicles and skins in the game are available for players to choose from.

There are many things that can happen in Game of Life 2! Maybe players can trade possessions (just like Monopoly) The game offers really cute characters too! You can buy a house, find the other half of your life, step into a marriage together and start a happy and happy family. Of course you do not want to get married is also possible, your life should be their own decision, not bound by the world. You also have your family and friends, as a bystander to see what their life choices are?

What kind of life do you want to choose? Enter "Game of Life 2" and experience it!


How To Play

Game of Life 2" in the game players can choose a different life to experience, so first you need to choose a game character you want to experience, such as police, doctors and so on, as long as you like you can choose. You can also customize your character's name, costume and appearance, see my 72 changes. The fate and ending of your character will be decided by you. Play games and earn rewards to unlock new characters, costumes and vehicles! 

After choosing a character, players can also dress up the character and dress them in gorgeous costumes, in short, players can define them with the style you like, pink, blue, purple ...... , you can make your choice.

Choose the path you want to take in life, your life choice is in your hands, you need to decide your life trend through the dice, every choice you face is closely related to life, you will embark on a different career path, on this path, you can choose to gain knowledge, wealth, and even marry and have children with your lover, to obtain happiness, of course, these will also become your final score to see who's life is more exciting.

Game highlights.

1, the game is very subject matter is very new, a variety of life you can experience.

2, the screen is clear and smooth without lag, no ads to play with confidence.

3, customize your characters, let them have their own style.

4, the game supports four people to play together, you can invite friends to play together.

5、Beautiful world, after passing the level can open different areas of the map.

You can also become a star and be admired, you can also have a cute pet ....... Come to "Game of Life 2" to do what you want to do and become what you want to be.


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