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Developer: Playrix
os: Android IOS
size: 144M
updated: 4 February 2022




Are you a big fan of casual games? Do you like to play challenging and fun games in casual games? Today this

Fishdom combines three game elements: elimination, dress up and puzzle solving. Unlike the first two, Fishdom is played in an aquarium environment, taking players from the surface to the wonderful underwater world. If you are a big fan of Gardenscapes, Homescapes or if you are looking for a fun casual game, then Fishdom is one of your best choices!

Here for us to get the small fish to create a more comfortable place to live, you can train these small fish to play with them all the time, and now this sea turtle to tell us something, in which he can start the game. The game's painting style is like the real underwater world, or more exquisite, looks round or not, full, bright colors, the main body is still a three-disaster game, through the two sides to give the task of three-disaster then complete can get gold to decorate our aquarium.

In Fishdom, you will find a wonderful underwater world with cute little fish, colorful coral reefs, thousands of seaweeds and mysterious underwater wonders, you will feel immersive as you freely explore this underwater world and dance with the fish!

There are challenging triple elimination levels where you can play with the fish and use your brain power to solve the puzzles in the levels. Use the rewards you earn to buy decorations, and you're free to unleash your design flair and decorate the aquarium to make it a comfortable place for the fish to live!

Challenging puzzles await you in Fishdom. Have fun with the cute fish in this wonderful and exciting underwater world!


How To Play

When you first enter the game, there are no fish in the fish pond and you need to spend gold coins to buy them. At this time, players only have one kind of fish to buy, and the rest of the fish can only be unlocked after reaching the level. There are 7 types of medium-sized fish for sale in the store. In addition to these 23 types, players need to raise small fish to earn money in order to buy more small fish and sets to find new types of small fish. Gold can also be used to buy decorations, which also need to be unlocked after players reach a certain level, and as you progress through the game, you can dress up your fish pond and breed more fish species.

To earn coins to decorate your fish pond, then the game's triple elimination levels your best method of choice. Of course, this game, like all triple elimination games, players are still playing with matching explosions to complete the game tasks and change their positions by clicking on adjacent items. When more items are eliminated, a special effect item will be triggered, meaning that when the item is eliminated, a special item will be left behind, which helps the player eliminate more elements of the item. As the game continues, the levels will become more and more challenging. When you successfully complete a level, you will be rewarded with coins.

When you want to get a prop, you need to complete the three-star level can be obtained, and then you can buy the building that decorates the fish pond, this aquarium, there is a feeling of sunlight shining in, and the difficulty of the game is hooked to the scenario of the game, will increase as you step to reach a higher level, and not just a separate elimination game, you need to decorate this aquarium then, basically you can say that all the game The content is interlocking.

When you don't know the right place to click in the game, there is a small turtle will guide you, this design is more humane, all now enter the Fishdom game to challenge and decorate your aquarium!


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