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Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash
3D Action Hypercasual

Developer: Ten Square Games
os: Android IOS
size: 151M
updated: February 16, 2022




On this bright spring day, it's time to go fishing! But perhaps there are still some trivial things holding you back so that you can not go out fishing, no matter, here is a game for you to be able to catch fish without leaving home. Want to experience the sense of accomplishment of catching fish? Fishing Clash is a realistic fishing simulation game, a free casual game developed by Ten Square Games. Players can enjoy the fun of real fishing in the game.

The game's graphics are 3D, putting players in a real venue for fishing, and the background can also rotate according to the seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Fishing can be done in rivers, lakes, seas or oceans, and can take you to fishing locations all over the world! Loch Ness, Lake Biwa, the Nile, the Kenai, the Yangtze and much more await you! Change your favorite scenes to fish.

Many kinds of fish can be caught, such as common and ordinary fish like carp, bass or catfish. As you upgrade your equipment, you can even catch catfish, salmon, trout, pike, and even sharks and whales, as well as some other rare fish.

You can also add some fun to the fishing game by competing with other players. 4 or 8 players compete against each other to be the first good "angler".

Game features.

① The game is free to play and offers in-app purchases

② The game uses cloud fishing gameplay, which is novel and creative. players can have fun in the game

③ A novel fishing competition mode is waiting for players to participate

Fishing Clash brings players an unprecedented fishing feast. If you are a player who likes fishing, then you must not miss this game.


How To Play

The gameplay of Fishing Clash is very simple and the whole game revolves around fishing. Players through the fishing way to get resources, and can use these resources to upgrade their fishing rod and different species of fish, but also unlock new fishing rod, and then through the upgrade to improve the speed of fishing to unlock new fishing mode and more types of fish. Of course players can choose single player mode or matchmaking mode. In the game, you will have a new task every day, for example, the system will specify that you can only fish one type of fish that day, when you complete the task, you can get the corresponding rewards, such as: card packs, etc.. But you have to do a good job of getting the right kind of bait with certainty. Otherwise you will have some difficulties to catch specific fish. In this premise, you must know the characteristics of each kind of fish, so that you can "right" when you choose the fishing ground and equipped with bait, click "cast"! Swipe your finger on the phone screen to complete the fishing operation! Just like in real life, fishing requires patience, remember not to be impatient and rush to eat "hot tofu"! If you think this bait match is not successful, then you can choose to change it until you think it is the best method.

In addition to needing to upgrade your fishing rod, you also need to upgrade your bait, which costs you a certain amount of gold, and when you upgrade your bait you might catch a rare species of fish.

The game graphics are very realistic, the rocks on the game screen are covered with seaweed, the sun shines on the sea surface shimmering exquisite. In the game you can see the magnificent sea, the background music can also hear the gulls of the burst of cries. The immersive feeling is very strong!


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