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Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3
Magic Tiles 3
Boys Girls Hypercasual

os: Android IOS
size: 360.7 MB
updated: February 12, 2022




Do you like to play the piano? Want to become a piano master? It is difficult, but here is a piano game that can make you have a good time and restore the sound of piano more than ninety percent, you can immerse yourself in this music world. magic Tiles 3 is a free casual music game developed by AMANOTES PTE LTD. The game's graphics are very accurate and lovely, the game's characters are also very beautifully designed, rich and interesting gameplay, come and enjoy the game!

The game also provides players with many levels and free props waiting for players to challenge. The game play is very simple and easy to learn, Magic Tiles 3 will be the best choice for you to pass your leisure time! In Magic Tiles 3, players can play different types of music, such as: pop, rap, a cappella, EDM, jazz, instrumental music, etc. In short, players can search for a lot of popular music, and thousands of popular music are waiting for you to play.

Game features.

① The application is a free music game, players can play as much as they want

② The system provides players with a variety of music, all types of music such as: classical music, country music, pop music, etc.

③ The piano sound is crisp and clear, giving the player a realistic musical feeling

In addition to enjoying the pleasant piano music in Magic Tiles 3, players can also exercise your reaction skills, because players need to click on the falling black blocks with the rhythm of the music, and it will become faster and faster, if players can not react in time, then the game will be over. The game looks easy and simple, but still has a certain challenge, come on, play music in the music, play games in the music!


How To Play

The game play is very simple, players only need to click to complete the whole game operation. The black piano blocks will fall on the screen, and all you have to do is tap each one accurately with your finger, and each one will make a beautiful sound. As the game progresses, the speed of the falling blocks will be accelerated, so players have to react more quickly to avoid missing any of the blocks. Depending on the music you choose, the speed and length of the blocks will change with the songs, some of which are very challenging and test the player's hand speed.

Of course if you feel like playing alone is boring, you can invite your friends to compete with you to see who has the highest score and the fastest speed. Of course this is a ranking match, if you don't invite your friends, it doesn't matter, the system will automatically match you with a player of similar or the same rank as you, and you will play against each other. Each game will last 1 minute and 30 seconds, after the time is up, if you and your opponent have the same score, then you will have the same name.

The game is level mode, when you successfully play a song, you will get the corresponding diamonds, according to your rhythm and speed system will score you and give diamonds, so you will successfully unlock the next song, but the further the song will be more and more difficult. As long as you have the patience to break through the levels one by one, you will be able to unlock more good music. But when you start playing a song, the system will automatically consume a heart.

Players need to adjust the speed between the control fingers according to the rhythm and speed of the music, success or failure in this case, you can become the king of music?


  • By altagracia acosta
    its is a good game

    22 Jun,2023

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